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TEDxUCT is now recruiting a

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Would you like to be part of making TEDx events and spreading ideas you think is worth spreading? Download the application form and tell us about you. We look forward hearing about you.”



TEDxUCT is here because we believe that ideas alone are not enough, they need a platform to be spread. When we bring ideas together with our community, they are powerful beyond imagination. We hope to stimulate conversations, learn together, and finally act together. TEDxUCT strives to cultivate a culture of idea-creation and idea-sharing in the UCT community. By stimulating conversations and providing a platform to harness the knowledge and skills across various disciplines, we will inspire and motivate people to act together in creative and innovative ways to build a better world. Welcome to the world of TED.

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Meet the 2015 Team

Kimberly Eynon

Head Curator

Jared Goldblatt

Head Curator

Vuyani Daweti

Venue Coordtinator

Phillippa Abrahamse

Design Chair

Rose Buckland

Speakers Chair

Yusuf Shaikh

Social Media

David Mugoya

Sponsorship Chair

TEDx UCT Videos

Lorraine Loots


Buhle Zuma



Phone   083 898 22 72


About TED & TEDx

In 1984 a group of people from the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design gathered in California to share their work, passions, interests and dreams for a better world. What they stumbled upon in that single conference was a realisation that good ideas need to interact to become great innovations and inspirations- not just inside conference centres- but across continents, cultures, languages, ages and professions.


Today, TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. The TED community believes passionately and persistently in the power of interconnected ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. And it has spread: both through international biannual TED events and through a free TED website that earns 300 million views every day. TEDx events are smaller, localized events that are run independently, on a community-by-community basis.