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25. April 2015

10am - 16pm at Hiddingh Hall


TEDxUCT is here because we believe that ideas alone are not enough, they need a platform to be spread. When we bring ideas together with our community, they are powerful beyond imagination. We hope to stimulate conversations, learn together, and finally act together. TEDxUCT strives to cultivate a culture of idea-creation and idea-sharing in the UCT community. By stimulating conversations and providing a platform to harness the knowledge and skills across various disciplines, we will inspire and motivate people to act together in creative and innovative ways to build a better world. Welcome to the world of TED.

Meet the 2015 Team

Kimberly Eynon

Head Curator

Jared Goldblatt

Head Curator

Vuyani Daweti

Venue Coordtinator

Phillippa Abrahamse

Design Chair

Rose Buckland

Speakers Chair

Yusuf Shaikh

Social Media

David Mugoya

Sponsorship Chair

Upcoming TEDxUCT Event

TEDxUniTED is the first of our annual events that will take place on April 25th at Hiddingh Hall in the heart of Cape Town. It is a full day event from 10am to 4pm. We are aiming to create for a day of discussing how and why we are united and how ideas can help to unite us all. We want people leave more inspired than they could have ever imagined when arriving that morning. We are so proud to showcase speakers such as Lorrain Loots of 365 Postcards for Ants and Sarah Collins, founder of Wonderbag. There will be 8 speakers in total, and each talk falls in line with the TED guidelines of being 15 minutes long, fully filmed and released on the TED Youtube Channel.

UniTED Speakers

Buhle Zuma

Suppose we lived in a post-colonial state? Zuma probes this question and more. His talk interrogates the importance of reconciling the average South African’s idea of image with imagination and moving forward from there into a progressive nation.


Teddy Mudge

The challenge to combat the rheumatic heart disease epidemic is something that unites innovation and invention. This dedication to solving biomedical conundrums is both creative and practical. It probes the issues that baffle not only the medical world, but also the social impacts of the evolution of prostheses.


Jose Vilandy

In a profound quest to find freedom and passion, Vilandy’s evocative story from hopelessness to hope will inspire us to unite our mind with our gut-feelings and pursue a greater dream of success and fulfillment in many different areas of life.


Lorraine Loots

Although her paintings are minute, her influence is of a great magnitude. Loots’ story looks into the importance of finding a niche and uniting that with inhibited talent that everyone can find. Her talk guides us through some life lessons from networking to being accountable on the way to chasing a future that can’t promise plain sailing but that can promise exploration and growth.


Leonard Stoch

After almost 40 years in the IT world and a traumatic life changing event in Johannesburg, Leonard reinvents himself as an electric bicycle evangelist in Cape Town.

Sarah Collins

Committed to social change, Sarah Collins’ innovative and infectious energy is reflected in the invaluably successful Wonderbag: now a global movement. However, this electricity-free slow cooker is only one of her many drives towards sustainable, essential and genuine social and economic development. Collins is an influential woman who encourages politics and the importance of ownership amongst women, particularly in Southern Africa. Her experience with NGOs, tourism, entrepreneurship, and a concern for the environment culminates to produce a inspiring and pro-active leader making a resounding difference to the lives of people on a local and global level.



David Lindeque

Young and enterprising, David Lindeque is taking the world of proudly South African smart phone communications and networks into another realm. He united the potential of our country with a gap in the market to reach a personal and nation-wide triumph and tells us how.


Mapanya Sogoni

Mapanya Sogoni was born and raised in Guguletu, Cape Town. His childhood was marked by gangs and hardship and he spent the majority of his adult life in Malmsburry Prison. After 15 years in a cell, Mapanya decided that he wanted to change the fate of children from his township and now manages Project Playground, an organisation that aims at targeting gangsterism by giving children an alternative space for social support and play.

UniTED Venue

UCT Hiddingh Campus in Town


Hiddingh Campus

Rheede St, Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town


Phone   083 898 22 72


About TED & TEDx

In 1984 a group of people from the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design gathered in California to share their work, passions, interests and dreams for a better world. What they stumbled upon in that single conference was a realisation that good ideas need to interact to become great innovations and inspirations- not just inside conference centres- but across continents, cultures, languages, ages and professions.


Today, TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. The TED community believes passionately and persistently in the power of interconnected ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. And it has spread: both through international biannual TED events and through a free TED website that earns 300 million views every day. TEDx events are smaller, localized events that are run independently, on a community-by-community basis.